Launched in 2016 for creative entrepreneurs, marketing managers or just digital marketing enthusiasts, this site is an attempt to advise them on the best practices of all digital marketing channels and to update them on the new techniques used across all industries

There is so much information in the internet world that it is very difficult to grasp it all. This blog is an attempt to educate people on the new digital innovations enabling marketing growth for brands.

This blog was started to explore my passion of digital marketing. I enjoy reading and learning about the progress in the field of marketing. It won’t be long before digital marketing converges with the traditional marketing and becomes the new age of marketing. The numbers help form a pattern to explain a random behavior of a variable. This helps us understand and predict the next moves of a brand. I am an analytics enthusiast and I enjoy defining the uncertainty.

You can find this blog amusing for different reasons, I will let you figure it out on your own. Happy reading!